PaytonLux FAQ

What is the PaytonLux Program?

 When you become a member of our PaytonLux loyalty program, you’ll earn 2 points for every $1 you spend at Payton Jewelry. Your points can then be used on future purchases both online and in our stores. 

How do I earn points? 

There two ways to earn points, including signing up for the program using your email & purchasing from Payton Jewelry. 

*Points earned do not include taxes, shipping, or customs fees added at checkout.
How do I use my points?
Online: When signed into your PaytonLux Program, a reward will appear in the bottom left corner. When you click redeem, a coupon code will be generated. Use this code at checkout to redeem your reward!

In-store: At checkout, just share your name and email address with the sales associate and they will let you know which rewards are available and apply what you’d like to your purchase.
Do my points expire?
Yes. Your points expire after 6 months. You will receive two emails before expiration so make sure you make use of your rewards before they are gone!