Give the Gift of Payton Unbreakable Bonds

Are you seeking a unique, special, and meaningful gift for a loved one? Look no further! Our Payton Unbreakable Bonds are the perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, or special events. The custom Unbreakable Bond bracelets we offer can be designed to represent a special relationship and reflect one's personality simultaneously. This is an extremely special, personal & unique gift that represents a bond that is not meant to be broken and worn indefinitely. 
At Payton Jewelry, our Payton Unbreakable Bonds are personalized and can be done with a group to represent a strong bond. We offer our styles in 14kt gold filled, sterling silver, or 14kt gold upon request. Customized to last a lifetime, our jewelry is made from the best, high-quality materials. Contact us today if you are interested in a Payton Permanent Jewelry party, or make an appointment & reserve your spot today!


The Payton Unbreakable Bond is a 14kt gold filled, sterling silver, or 14kt gold (upon request) bracelet that is welded around your wrist and is meant to be permanent. The bracelet will have no clasp, producing a forever bracelet.

Anyone! Our Payton Unbreakable Bond Experience is perfect to share with friends, family, loved ones, or partners!

The Permanent Jewelry process is very simple. After making an appointment, you and your group select a custom chain that will be welded around your wrist. It is a quick process that lasts under 15 minutes and is done by a trained stylist. With a quick spark, the chain will be welded safely and your unbreakable bond will begin!

Some bonds are meant to be broken. In the unfortunate case that you want to take off your Payton Unbreakable Bond, we are happy to have your bracelet re-bonded for a $25 bondage fee.

Permanent Jewelry Appointment

Permanent Jewelry Appointment

Regular price$ 25.00

The booking fee covers your bonding fee at the time of service. Show your receipt at the time of service, and the fee will be applied to your permanent jewelry appointment.