Payton Unbreakable Bond

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The Payton Unbreakable Bond is a versatile & permanent piece of jewelry that goes perfectly with any style or jewelry layer. It is a simple & special sentiment that is meant to be worn indefinitely. Our jewelry is custom-fit to your wrist, ankle, neck, or finger & bonded through a quick welding method performed by one of our trained stylists! 

It is the perfect bonding experience to share with loved ones, friends, family, or partners.

Express your personality and create an everlasting memory with our Unbreakable Bond Bracelets. 

All chain styles come in 14kt Gold Filled or Sterling Silver. Solid 14kt gold is available upon request.



14kt gold filled: $45-150

Sterling Silver: $40-110


14kt gold filled: starting at $140

Sterling Silver: starting at $120


14kt gold filled: $70-275

Sterling Silver: $60-180




The Payton Unbreakable Bond is a 14kt gold filled, sterling silver, or 14kt gold (upon request) bracelet that is welded around your wrist and is meant to be permanent. The bracelet will have no clasp, producing a forever bracelet.

Anyone! Our Payton Unbreakable Bond Experience is perfect to share with friends, family, loved ones, or partners!

The Permanent Jewelry process is very simple. After making an appointment, you and your group select a custom chain that will be welded around your wrist. It is a quick process that lasts under 15 minutes and is done by a trained stylist. With a quick spark, the chain will be welded safely and your unbreakable bond will begin!

Some bonds are meant to be broken. In the unfortunate case that you want to take off your Payton Unbreakable Bond, we are happy to have your bracelet re-bonded for a $25 bondage fee.

Permanent Jewelry Appointment

Permanent Jewelry Appointment

Regular price$ 25.00

The booking fee covers your bonding fee at the time of service. Show your receipt at the time of service, and the fee will be applied to your permanent jewelry appointment.

Open for booking at our new Cape May location starting May 21st!

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