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Fairytale Drop Necklace

$ 75.00

The Fairytale Drop Necklace consists of Tourmaline Stones. Tourmaline is also called a "receptive stone," which means it is soothing, calming, and peaceful. It promotes communication between the conscious and unconscious minds, and especially powerful during meditation.

You choose the stone at the bottom of the drop! Smokey Quartz symbolizes grounding, positivity, and centering. Rose Quartz is a stone of the heart symbolizing unconditional love and confidence.

  • Sterling Silver necklace with Tourmaline Stones throughout
  • Drop Stone in Smokey Quartz or Rose Quartz
  • Adjustable chain
  • Chain Extender available

This necklace layers great with our Disc Choker!


Handmade in the USA!

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