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Bezel Wrap

$ 35.00

The Bezel Wrap is made with soft deer skin leather and has a Sterling Silver clasp. It is available in brown and black and will surely be the softest bracelet you own. It looks great stacked in multiples or with our stone bracelets

Finish the look with our Bezel Choker!

All bezels are oval shaped and have specific meanings; they are available in the following options:

  • Chalcedony- Optimism, Memory Improvement, Positivity
  • Rose Quartz- Love, Unconditional, Confidence
  • Smokey Quartz- Protection, Grounding, Healing
  • Turquoise- Strength, Protection, Friendship

Get the perfect fit- the bezel wrap is meant to fit snug so measure your wrist and don't leave room. The leather is soft and should fit snug to wrist.

How to get the perfect fit!
Wear it as a Bracelet:
1. Make sure the bezel is placed at the center of the leather
2. Place the bezel on your wrist
3. Take one piece of the leather and wrap it under the bezel twice
4. Take the other piece of the leather and wrap it above the bezel twice
5. Grab both ends of the leather and turn your wrist
6. Clasp the bracelet and you’re ready to go!
~Remember, this bracelet should feel snug around your wrist for the perfect fit!

Bracelet Size
X Small is 5 1/2"
Small is 6 1/2"
Medium is 7"
Large is 7 1/2"
X Large is 8"
XX Large is 8 1/2"


Made in the USA.

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